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The Ultimate Guide To Buying a Diamond

When the time has come to consider to purchase diamond engagement rings, you’ll want to prepare yourself for the adventure by making sure that you know how to best go about it.    After all, the more that you know, the better you’ll be able to focus on picking out something for your partner. Even if you aren’t necessarily looking at an engagement ring, you should still know what factors to consider when you want to buy a loose diamond, especially online.  Here’s what you’ll want to know when sourcing your diamond.

Go With The Big Leagues – Rather than some time shop online that seems to be offering suspiciously low prices, stick to the professional options online as far as diamond sellers. The true professionals in the diamond business know how to both source the true high grade diamonds that you’re looking for, and also how to use the parameters to get the right quality and price to match. Odds are, the smaller options won’t give you that same kind of control.

Choose The Shape Of Your Diamond – There are many different shapes that you can consider for the diamond that you are purchasing. To make sure that you aren’t choosing the wrong diamond for the shape that you have in mind, you’re going to want to start with the shape itself!  The most common issue is a round count. But you can also choose from an emerald cut, cushion cost or a princess cut.

Time For The Carat Choice – Different diamonds of different weights (aka carats).  The price is directly related to this, of course. You can choose the range that you’re interested it and this will help you gauge the price you can expect to pay for online diamonds. Remember that the carat size is also related to how large diamond looks itself, too, so keep that in mind.

Understand Cut Quality – This where a lot of the lower end online diamond sellers can go off the rails. The cut quality is critical in the overall effect of the diamond itself, and therefore a critical piece of data to use to make your purchase.  That being said, not all lower quality diamond sellers offer customization in this since it isn’t standardized.

The cut quality is going to be part of what makes it that stunning and brilliant effect that you’re going for, particularly with something as focused as a round shape. Focus on Ideal or Excellent cut grades to make sure that it’s going to give you that powerful pop need.

Color – Sure, many people think that diamonds are going to be translucent and reflect the light in brilliant facets. However, diamonds themselves can come in a selection of colors Hen you want to get that clear, white effect of a shimmering diamond, you’ll need to choose the right strength of color in your diamond to reflect those clean and brilliant colors you’re used to seeing. If you like the idea of a lower strength color, however, those do tend to be cheaper. They just don’t give off the same depth of color

Clarity – Similar to cut, the clarity of the diamond that you choose will help factor in the shimmering, faceted look of the diamond when you set it.  The clearer it is, especially when you factor in how “clean” it appears to the naked eye, the better it is going to look as a finished product. 

Check For Certification – Lastly, especially if you are looking at online diamonds from places that you aren’t familiar with personally, you’re going to want to make sure that all diamonds you purchase have certification. When shopping for loose diamonds, this would be AGS certification. When you see this last detail in place, you’ll know that you’re only considering the best options for your money and the final effect will definitely be one you can bank on.

Shop Around – Now that you have all of those aspects in place and they can help you limit your search parameters, you can shop around in various stores and high end brands to see how the price compares.  Within those options you’ll find some fluctuations how they look and feel based on little details such as symmetry, the fluorescence and even polish.  While these are nowhere as important as the 4Cs that we just discussed, they do factor in and can often help you choose between one or two that are close favorites for you.

    Still not sure?  Get Professional Assistance
Diamond Engagement Ring

If you want to make sure that you chosen correctly before your fork over the cash, you can absolutely get an expert jeweler to weigh-in on your choice. There are some options online that you can go with, though you’ll want to focus on the idea of going with an impartial expert. Even so, make sure you’re aware that they may lean towards a supported vender versus another.

That being said, having a pro check it out and being able to verify that you’re going for the real deal can do a lot for your confidence level when looking at buying loose diamonds.  This is      especially so, if you clarify that you choose the right diamond for the cut in terms of setting it in a band later. Since this is much more important than you’d think, a pro’s advice is invaluable here.

Without question, there is some technique that goes into buying the right diamond. However, this guide is going to serve as a handy helper in making sure that you know what facets to focus on to keep you, at the very least, from getting swindled out of your hard-earned cash!  Since this is    everyone’s worse nightmare when buying online, you’ll want to arm yourself with the right     education, knowledge and step by step guide to make sure that this doesn’t become your story! 

Now that you know what to focus on, you are ready to take those first steps, to pick out the perfect diamond for that special someone.

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